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Executive LL.M. Program and Curriculum

Grow from an accomplished professional to a leader in international business law through Columbia Law School's accelerated hybrid program.

The Executive LL.M. in Global Business Law is designed for high-achieving, experienced lawyers ready to advance their careers, build a global network, and take the lead in complex cross-border transactions. The curriculum and program is defined by four key terms:

Focus. Gain a nuanced understanding of American law to navigate the most complex cross-border transactions and study U.S. business law under Columbia Law’s premier corporate law faculty. 

Accelerate. Complete your degree in less than seven months, with minimal time spent away from home (includes an intensive 12-week residency at Columbia Law School’s vibrant campus in New York City).

Connect. Build meaningful relationships with your classmates, who will broaden your horizons with unique perspectives and approaches to common problems. 

Lead. Expand your already established career and prepare to make a greater impact as a trusted counselor and strategist to your clients and colleagues. 

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The Executive LL.M. has both online and in-residence components, requiring a total of 24 credits (five required courses and three electives).

Spring Semester (March and April): Two required online courses

The online classes are hybrid courses, meaning the instruction and coursework include both live online components as well as self-directed study. During each course, you will engage with recorded lectures, live online lectures, discussion boards, readings, and other assignments.

On-Campus Summer Residency (May-August): Four courses (one required and three electives) and the required colloquium

The 12-week Summer Residency is broken into four three-week modules. In each module, the first two-and-a-half weeks are devoted to course instruction, with the remainder of the third week reserved for study and assessment.

Fall Semester (September): Final required online course 

The Executive LL.M. degree is awarded in October. Students are invited to return for the Columbia University graduation ceremony the following May.